Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Rosanne? What?

The TV Show Rosanne was back for a time a short time. I was never really a Rosanne fan the first time around, though we did watch the show some. She was always brash and harsh. It was supposed to be blue-collar comedy that hit hard and revealed the hard lives of many who go unnoticed in this country. It did a good job of that then.

I never wached this time around. I heard, like many of you, about the pro-Trump stuff. It was watched by many to start with, but then the twitter incident happened. Does Twitter just invite this kind of stuff? If often wish that the President would think a bit more before tweating out every though and idea in the middle of the night. Now, Rosanne tweets something that is just awful. I kept hearing that she had said something reprehensible, then I finallyr read the tweet. Wow!

You’ve got to be kidding me! Are people still saying and believing this kind of stuff? OK. Even if it was a joke, doesn’t it cross some kind of humane line or something?

Today, I saw that Rosanne was trying to take it back. And, like anyone trying to take something back that they said, she is finding that that’s hard to do. She said it was a joke, and she was on ambien. She says this as if there’s some kind of excuse for this kind of racist talk, as if somehow it justifies her comments.

Now, after some time, ABC has cancelled the show.

At least there are repercussions for talking like this. Sure, it’s free speech but even free speech has its conseqences. You can’t just say anything and get away with it. Mean, hateful, hurtful, and racist speech is still wrong and should be condemned.

As Christians, I don’t see how we can think any other way. It does bother me a bit that maybe our people do not remember or know our history. It bothers me that someone could have grown up in this country and been educated in our schools and lived through civil rights and all the rest, and not know or care that this kind of language is wrong because it treats people as less than human. If everybody is created in the image of God, then everyone deserves the respect and love of others.

Anyone with any feeling at all who reads through the racist literature of the past can see it reflected still in such tweets and language. It’s disgusting.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you talk and act like this tweet of Rosanne’s, you’re certainly not much of a Christian if at all. Followers of Jesus Christ are people who in to life and love and truth in Jesus Christ. Christ died for all.

So, Rosanne, take responsbility for your words. And, ask for forgiveness. This kind of speech will not stand. It’s like building your house on sand. The winds come, and the rain, and the storms, and...

”I have made of one blood all nations...”. The Book of Acts.

Dave Nichols

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