Wednesday, July 29, 2015


The devil went down to Detroit, looking for a soul to steal. No, I’m sorry, the devil went down to Georgia, according to Charlie Daniels and his band. Just when you think you’ve heard it all, you hear that a statue of a pagan goat, a symbol of Satan, according to some, is being unveiled in Detroit. And, hundreds show up. The church of Satan tried it in Oklahoma. They wanted the statue next to the Ten Commandments and when the Ten were taken down, they lost their case. There are many ways to respond to this nonsense. And, some things to notice. 1. Anybody can get a following. Yep! I’m convinced that in our culture, maybe our world, and idiot can get a following. I don’t care what the position or the idea. Espouse it and you can get someone to follow. We always seem to have people who will follow the latest fad, or notion, or religion, and if it’s upsetting to some, then all the better. Followers come out of the wood work. Are we so open minded that we’ve lost our minds? Are we so desperate to find meaning that we will follow whatever comes along? I do think that some people are so misguided and lost and alone that they will follow even the devil if they can find a group to belong to. 2. It’s not a church- the church of Satan, I mean. How can they call themselves a church. The Greek word is: ecclesia. It means assembly. OK. But the Satanic crowd is using the word just to irritate us Christians. It irritates me that we have so allowed the meaning of the church to be lost in all of the mess of modern culture that the Satan crowd feels comfortable using the word. So much wrong passes as church that they won’t be challenged much in using the word. 3. Do you see the anger in this? Yes, I do mean anger. I don’t know how to identify where the anger actually comes from, but it’s there. It’s a real defiance to anything Christian. Maybe some have been hurt by the church; it happens. Maybe some of them have a real reason to be angry at the church, but they are using it to rub it in the faces of Christians. 4. We have nothing to fear. Satan is not equal to God/Jesus. Nothing in scripture says so. In Jesus Christ, then, now and for all eternity the powers of evil, death, and Satan have been defeated. The followers of Satan have no power; maybe that’s why they have to have such a big statue. We are in a kind of cultural battle, it seems to me. We are coming in to a time when it seems that everything that can be done to define our culture as open, yet pagan, is being done. If Christianity had anything to do with our history in the world, then some want to wipe out any public symbols of Christ. I get diversity. I get a democratic society in which there is freedom to not be dominated by any religion. What I don’t get is why every thing else can be represented and talked about in public but Christian faith. Now, we ought to pray for our brothers and sisters in other countries who are dying every day for their faith in Jesus. We aren’t there yet. But, this is a wake-up call for all of us to be so committed to Christ that our lives reflect him to the world. We are called to know as much about our faith and the Bible, and to do as much in love for God’s world as we can do. That’s the way we do battle, even with the devil. Read 2 Corinthians 10: 3-5 and 1 Peter 5:8-10. Jesus is Lord! Blessings! Dave Nichols

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