Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Time of Prayer

At Bethel, we are embarking on a new journey. It’s something that I have never down, something that I have never before asked my people to do. That is, we are launching and event called 100 Days of Prayer. We will begin on September 14. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have always taught my people and challenged them to pray always about everything. But this event is different. It requires a specific commitment of time and energy for the specific purpose of prayer. Now, I don’t want to be presumptuous; I know that my people pray. God is working around here that’s proof that someone is praying. I pray for everything and everybody, including myself. But, our times and our situation in the world call us to a deeper ministry of prayer and commitment. It’s one thing to pray. It’s quite another to commit 100 days to an effort like this. I am happy that we have so far 49 persons who have committed to this task. A part of my calling as a pastor is to call my people to God in Jesus Christ. Such an emphasis in prayer will turn our hearts to God as the source of all ministry and life in our church and in our lives. What will God do if we turn to pray with such intensity and mission? What will God do with us? Where will God call us to go, to be? The temptation in all prayer is to bring my own agenda to the task. I know what needs to be done; I just need to enlist God’s help for my list of things to be done. But, what if God will give us an over-arching agenda that is greater than all our small agendas and will draw into the future that he has prepared for us? It’s time as a church for us to bring everything and everyone to God in prayer asking for God’s vision for us. Prayer is not something that we just add-on to whatever is going on. Prayer is the gift of God that calls us to place everything, and everyone under the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit. It’s time to ask God as a church to change and move us in the direction of his will. Sure, we’re rocking along just fine, but God wants us to go deeper in our relationship with each other and deeper in our relationship with God. I am excited that we have already 49 persons who are committed to this. I am excited that many more will be praying for God to act. I wait with my people for the vision of God’s will. How will we know it’s God’s vision? Because we can’t do it without God. Blessings! Dave Nichols

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