Thursday, January 2, 2014


When I got to church this morning, the Christmas Wreaths were already down. And, it’s time to move on with the New Year, 2014. As always, Advent/Christmas was filled with anticipation and joy. Choirs inspired us with their gifts. Children drew us into their excitement. At Christmas Eve we joined in our usual wonderful service of Lessons, Carols, and Candle lighting. It was amazing. Here at the church during this season we saw some of the neediest of our neighbors coming here for help. We shared with many children through Salvation Army and we gave generously to the church and to the Bethlehem Center. Next Sunday, is sort of the last hoorah of Christmas. Jan. 6 is officially Epiphany Day, the twelfth day of Christmas Season. So, we celebrate Epiphany on the nearest Sunday, along with beginning a new year together. Epiphany is the day when the Magi brought their gifts to Jesus: gold, frankincense and myrrh. In the darkness, Magi, astrologers followed a star to the place where Jesus was. After Epiphany we enter the season after Epiphany and quickly move from Jesus as a baby to Jesus being baptized by John and growing into his identity as Messiah. This Sunday, we will try to take it all in; Christmas is put away for another year. And, we start out in faith on another year. For some of us, there are things that we need to leave behind in the old year. You can make your own list. Is there baggage that you should put down and move on from? Now is a good time to get on with it. One person recently told me of a Sunday in church when it dawned on her that she had to forgive and go forward. She said during worship she experienced a miracle. (Her words) There are some things that we, maybe, can’t let go of yet. Grief, over the loss of someone we love, is a process. It takes time. For most of us, a year is not enough time to move on from it. So, we should be gentle with ourselves. It’s hard to let go of a spouse, a parent, or someone close. But, even in grief, you can’t linger there forever. No matter how deep the pain, we know that we have to move forward or we die too. There are some things that we are searching for, like the Magi. We are following the star. So, think of the New Year as another adventure ahead of you. As with any adventure, there will be valleys and hills. There will be losses and gains. There will be good experiences and experiences that you’d just as soon not have to face. The Magi are on a mission. They want to get to Jesus. What is your mission? You have a mission too. God has called you in Jesus Christ to this adventure that we call Christian faith. It is an adventure that relies on the guidance of the Spirit of God. When the Magi started out, I can sense their excitement. They had prepared and studied and prayed. Now, they packed their bags, which couldn’t be too heavy to put on a camel. They had their maps. They had faith that they were going to the place God wanted them to be. They had each other. We don’t know how many there were. The church said there were at least three, for three gifts. There may have been more. Let us begin this New Year 2014 as another adventure in faith. We have our map (Bible). We have our preparation (prayer and study). We have the light of the star and the assurance that our lives have meaning and mission given to us by God. And, as we go forward, we have each other. Some of us know each other well. Others of us do not know others across the aisle, but we do know that by God’s grace we are together on this journey. God has not brought us this far to leave us here. God is moving on; who knows what God will yet do with us and through us? Blessings! Dave Nichols

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