Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Asking, Seeking, Knocking for God's Will

We learned in November of last year that our church’s Financial Secretary of many years would be retiring on Feb. 15 of this year. We talked about getting started and then Thanksgiving and Christmas hit. On top of this, I was sick much of December, thinking it was flu or something akin to it. Turned out to be a serious incarcerated hernia which was surgically repaired as some of you remember. So, I lost the month of January in recovery. Knowing that our deadline was coming to find someone to be our new Financial Secretary, I came back too early, really, to start interviews with the persons who had applied for the job. I interviewed four people and narrowed it down to two. We offered the job to one and she turned us down for another job. We offered it to the other and she started to work for us. She made it three days and quit. Mercy! Someone had to get us through payroll. Bob Parrott, a member of the church, stepped in and learned the system and started getting things together immediately. The night I learned that we would be without someone, I got on the phone and started calling some of my fellow pastors. One asked his Financial Secretary and she recommended the person that we have now. I asked her to come in the next day for an interview. She has worked out beautifully. Now, we are interviewing for Youth Pastor. We narrowed our search to a few, whom we interviewed face-to-face. Two withdrew, one before we could interview him. Another withdrew after the interview. We are still interviewing. OK Lord. We’re waiting, praying and listening. We are in the midst of a process of discerning God’s will for us. Everyone is praying. In the meantime, the Youth Ministry continues under the able leadership of our adult parents and youth leaders. So, we are not panicky. Why would we be? We have the foundation of a great Youth Ministry that has been in place for years. We have great adult and youth leadership. And, we are assured that if we seek we will find. Jesus said that. Jesus tell us to ask, seek, and knock. Sometimes we just don’t ask. We mean to ask but we get to thinking that we don’t need any help, much less God’s, so, we plow ahead. I have learned over the years that if we ask, seek and knock, that God will move- not that God is not moving before we ask, but if we ask, as Jesus invites us to, then God moves in mysterious ways to communicate his will and to guide us Sometimes God’s answer to our seeking is surprising. God’s answer is certainly better than ours and always in his time, not ours. We are learning that God has chosen all of us to do ministry. God has chosen some of us to do specialized ministries. People of all kinds are chosen to serve in God’s kingdom. In the United Methodist Church, we believe that people of all ages, nations, and races are in God’s kingdom. All believers of every shape and size and origin are a part of God’s reign. So, with confidence we continue to ask, seek and knock. Jesus told us to. Blessings! Dave Nichols


Thanks for checking out my blog. I'm new to this, as you can probably see. But, I, like you, have convictions and ideas worth sharing. I hope this will be an opportunity to connect with others who are Christian and/or religious. I am happily United Methodist. I am committed to the basic teachings of our church, and to the compassionate outreach to the world.

I hope these pastoral ponderings will generate something in you that is hopeful.

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