Monday, February 4, 2013

Getting Well...Wow!

Well. The last time I wrote my church newsletter column I had been sick for about two weeks or so with what I thought was the flu. I did have a terrible cold and cough during Christmas and beyond, but something else was going on, obviously. On January 9, I gave the talk for the UMW’s City-wide prayer breakfast. I had very little voice but I went on. I have always believed that you just keep going, in faith. I went upstairs to my office to work that morning and by mid-day I was doubled over with pain in my abdomen. I had been to my family physician the day before and he said I did not have the flu but he gave me something for my cough and cold. This day after that, Tuesday, I came home and laid down thinking the pain would pass, but it didn’t. Late that afternoon I called my family physician and he told me to go to the emergency room- not something one wants to hear. I waited still and then around 9pm that Tuesday night, Mary took me to the emergency room, where they went to work. In addition to the pain in my abdomen, a knot had come up. The pain got worse. A CT scan later, and they determined that I had an incarcerated hernia. What? Never heard of it. Well, it meant that someone my hernia had drawn my bladder and bowels and intestines into it. So, everything shut down. We spent the night, Jan. 9, in the emergency room. The hospital was full with people with flu. The next morning the surgeon came to see me and messed with my abdomen a bit. He was able to move things about a bit and relieve some of the pressure. He said that we needed to do emergency surgery- again not something one wants to hear. I would be worked in the surgical schedule. Finally, a room came available about 4pm and I was moved there. Then, about 5pm or so on that Wednesday I was moved to the holding area awaiting surgery. Around 6pm, the surgeon came in and asked: “Good to go?” I said: “Good to go.” Prayer. Kisses. And, that’s all I remember. I woke up in my room after 9pm that night. I saw people floating by, and slept. Wow! 5 inch incision and drugs and pain, and God’s love, got me through. Had the hernia been there a while? No way to tell, they say. I didn’t have pain until that day. I saw the surgeon on Jan. 16, one week later. He says I’m healing nicely, but no driving for a while. I will see him on Jan. 30 and he will give me further instructions. Thankfully, everything is working and I am recovering slowly. Beside my chair is a stack of wonderful cards from all of you. I have eaten soup, and stew that you brought. Thanks so much for all your support through all of this. Thanks so much to the staff who have kept things going well at Bethel. David Smith and Chad Deetz have led you in worship in my absence. Thanks so much to all the staff who serve faithfully and well. I am trying to follow the surgeon’s instructions and wait and pray my way to a complete recovery. I will see you soon. Keep us all in your prayers. See you in Church- soon! Dave Nichols

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