Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Wonder

Last night we had our Child Enrichment (Day Care) Christmas presentation in the sanctuary. As always it was a time for lots of music and giggles. The children came through the door to the sanctuary looking for the ones who were there for them. The Parents, Grandparents, and others were looking at the one they came to see. After some rousing carols we went downstairs for pandemonium and Santa Claus. It was a wonderful time.

Today I had chapel for the day care and we sang carols and prayed. Again, lots of giggles and smiles and hugs were everywhere to be seen.

I just checked the weather forecast: snow and sleet tonight, they say. It’s a fun time of year. We give gifts and share time together. When my mother was alive, and we lived in other places, we would meet her at the mall and get right in the middle of it all, especially when the children were little.

Christmas is the time for memories: a Roy Rogers and Dale Evans outfit for me and my sister; a BB gun; pajamas and socks. Papa, granny, and mamma…

There was the Christmas when Betsy had to have a Barbie car. Mary called all over creation looking for one. I heard her calling: “Do you have a Barbie Chevette…?” When she hung up she asked my why everyone was laughing at her. I said: “Honey, Barbie wouldn’t be caught dead in a Chevette. She drives a Corvette.” There’s quite a bit of difference between a Chevette and a Corvette.

There was the Christmas when we had to find a Cabbage-patch doll. Who invents these things?

Now, some would do away with all this, saying that it’s all nonsense. But, we have to be careful here. After all, Christmas is about surprise, and wonder, and gifts, and love, and all the rest. Christmas is about all the silliness that a baby brings.

Look at children this time of year or any time for that matter and you see the wonder of life, its beauty and surprise.

In the movie, Joseph grabs his wife Mary off the donkey and carries her around looking for a place stay for the night. In the darkness, a baby cries and Mary and Joseph are filled with wonder.

In all the busyness and stress, let your mind go to that story again. See a young teenager with a baby in the straw, her husband standing near, angels, animals and a lot of other impossible stuff. It’s Christmas. If your Christmas has no wonder and magic, if your Christmas has nothing impossible about it, then it’s not really Christmas.

It came to pass, in those days…and there was a multitude of heavenly hosts praising God and saying: “Glory to God in the highest…” Glory indeed!

Dave Nichols

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