Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Celebration at Bethel

Tuesday, Nov. 9, was our Veteran’s Day celebration at Bethel. Sr. Adult Ministry every year does this to honor our veterans. A bulletin board in the hallway shows pictures and letters from veterans and celebrates their service. Maxine Reynolds is responsible for that. You should check it out. Dr. Paul W. Harmon, our Spartanburg District Superintendent, United Methodist Church, was our speaker and gave a wonderful talk, sharing with us about his own grandmother who sat and prayed over her four boys all of whom were at war. And, they all came home. He talked about the sacrifices that veterans make but also the sacrifice of family and others who wait and pray. Quoting the poem “Flanders Field” he reminded us of the great commitments of those who serve their country.

He read Psalm 27 to remind us in whose sight we all serve.

The picture above tells the story. What a great group.

See you in Church!
Dave Nichols

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