Thursday, November 19, 2009

We are So Blessed

Say it with me: "We are so blessed." We are so accustomed to thinking about life in a closed-fist sort of way rather than thinking of life as abundance, an abundant gift from God. And, God has not stopped giving. We are so blessed.

After the wedding of our second daughter which is chronicled earlier on this blog (I think I told you part of this before), everyone left. Everyone left except the caterer and Mary and me. We sent our younger daughter home because she had a "bug". Betsy, the eldest daughter was there but not really into doing much. We loaded up her car and sent her home.

Mary and I finished packing up the food that was leftover. They asked me what to do with it and I said: "Throw it out..." But, Mary, who is more patient than I, sometimes, said: "No, we'll take it with us. I don't think she knew how much was left over. Everybody ate their fill and left and we had all this food.

Now, as a child, I learned to clean my plate because it's a sin to waste food. I still think that but it was about 10 o'clock and we were exhausted.

We packed all the food, every last bit of it. I drove home wondering where we would put it all or what we would do with it. I drove carefully, dodging potholes, not turning too quickly until we go to the house.

There, we unloaded it and Mary finally got to eat something. Then, Mary suggested that we take the leftovers over to Miracle Hill, the homeless shelter. It was nearly midnight.

I told her to call and she did. They said to come on they'd help us unload it. We packed up the car, again, and headed out. We drove around back through the gate and they directed us to the building where about six men came to help us. In just a minute everything was gone.

I yelled out to them as we got in the car, "God bless you!" Several yelled back, "he does every day."

I nearly cried. I asked Mary: "Did you hear that?" Here I was in whatever state I was in, and here a man, with little or nothing, said he was blessed. What right did he have to say he was blessed everyday, unless he had a great faith.

It's Thanksgiving- family, friends, worship. For once, don't focus on what you don't have or what you lack, focus on this: "We are so blessed."

Here we go. Say it with me: "We are so blessed".

Dave Nichols

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  1. I’d note the people of to ascertain that too!



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