Wednesday, October 14, 2009

After the Wedding

We gathered on Friday last week to rehearse for the wedding that I talked about last week. Our middle daughter was getting married. Most of the future in-laws had arrived and we spoke briefly before the rehearsal. Some of them were not there because of a flight cancellation. You remember that they are from Texas, most of them.

Rehearsal was uneventful. By that, I mean all went well. The pastor (Chris' former youth pastor) was there as were all the bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc. I was surprised at how emotional I felt at the rehearsal. I guess this was the first time it came home to me that this was really going to happen. My way of dealing with things like this is to put them off emotionally. I believe and practice: Don't cross the bridge until you get to it. Well we were at the bridge and I felt it. It was a beautiful sunny day at the rehearsal. All went well.

We got home and collapsed. Next day, the day of the wedding, we got up and got started. The women had a brunch to attend at 11am. The men met with me at the parsonage for barbecue. My next "son-in-law" cooked the barbecue. It was great. We ate and watched football and had fun.

The women came home and we had a few hours. So, we relaxed until we left for the wedding. There were clouds; so, we, left the tent up for this outdoor wedding. But, there was not a drop of rain. It was a wonderful, joyful, service celebrating God's presence in it all.

Bluegrass music from the Saggy Bottom Boys and Brandy made the service more special. Then, in a blink of the eye, it was over and we went to the party. We greeted family and friends. We ate a bit; shared cake. Then, we danced.

Frances came to me and said: "Tell the DJ to play one more song and then we'll go." I told him. The song flew by and I looked up to see Frances and Chris running out the door and everyone behind them. I caught up just as they were pulling away.

Then, we spent about an hour cleaning up- flowers, food, and other things. Late that night, Mary and I (at her urging) took the leftover food to the Homeless shelter. They were so appreciative. I was humbled.

Then, back home, we stayed up later and then went to bed. Sunday was good, yet sad, as we adjusted to the idea. We picked up a car at the airport and brought it back to our house. Martha, our third daughter, was at home because of Fall Break at school.

That night we watched "Father of the Bride" (1950). Though the movie is old, it reminded us that not much has changed over time.

It's Wednesday and I'm beginning to recover. Jesus does show up at weddings, by the way.

Dave Nichols

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