Friday, July 10, 2009

It is Simple Really?

This Sunday, July 12, in the heat of summer, with a lot of people on vacation and 78 people on a mission trip to Louisiana, we will be working with Reuben Job's book "Three Simple Rules" in Sunday School and Church. And, over the next three Sundays we will be doing John Wesley's three rules: 1. Do no harm. 2. Do Good. 3. Stay in love with God.

Job says in his book that if we, United Methodist Christians, lived by these three rules we could change the world. I guess it could be said that if we Christians lived fully what we believed that we could change the world. As one of the earlier church leaders said: "The Christian faith has been tried and found wanting; it's never been tried."

Now that's a bit harsh, don't you think? And yet, let's admit that as Christians we are prone to take the easy way out, just like a lot of the culture. Most of our lives and time are spent merging with the culture rather than enlarging the distance by giving witness to the radical nature of Jesus' Gospel.

I just heard that on television this morning someone from another denomination, a leader, said that personal salvation was a heresy and idolatry. Oh well. This may be a great time for us to look again at the basics of our faith.

John Wesley gives us three rules. Whether they are simple or not is another question. Done right, the Christian faith is hard work. That means that we are saved not just to sit down. It's not over then; it's just beginning. We are called to get into the game then, to move out in love and service, all of us, in the hope of tranforming the world; individual and corporate salvation is still in style.

I have some 90 books that have just arrived. I will have them Sunday. If you want one, they are $5 or if you can't do that, you may just have one.

I am excited about the possibilities as we pray and study and worship our way through these rules as followers of Jesus Christ. In a few weeks, I will begin another series of sermons on the core values of our church, Bethel that is. Pray for us as we seek more and more to do God's will around here and in the world.

See you Sunday!
Dave Nichols

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  1. Hi, Dave. Jackie Warren here. Don't know if you remember us or not but I've found your blogg and would love to do the study, long distance, and keeping up with things on your blogg. Haven't found a Bible Study or group here that offers what we had in Spartanburg at Bethel just yet. We are in a new church, a new caregroup, and have even been a part of a couple of studies but it just isn't what we are looking for. This sounds really good and so appropo for us right now. I will get in touch with Linda Simcox and see if she will give you $5 or I can mail you a check for the book. Thanks again for being such a true and faithful servent for our Lord. Looking forward to this study. Blessings, Jackie



Thanks for checking out my blog. I'm new to this, as you can probably see. But, I, like you, have convictions and ideas worth sharing. I hope this will be an opportunity to connect with others who are Christian and/or religious. I am happily United Methodist. I am committed to the basic teachings of our church, and to the compassionate outreach to the world.

I hope these pastoral ponderings will generate something in you that is hopeful.

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