Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Do No Harm

As I said earlier, we are working and praying our way through Reuben Job's book: Three Simple Rules which are anything but simple. John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Movement was challenged by those who were converted to faith to help them keep the fire of their faith alive. So, in small groups, societies, these early Methodists held each other accountable and held each other close in faith. There were three general rules: Do no harm; Do good; Stay in love with God.

Do no harm to yourself, other, and the world. In my sermon last Sunday, I said that John Wesley said that if you couldn't make things better then don't make them worse. He said Do no harm by:

Not keeping the Sabbath
Gossip- uncharitable and unprofitable talk
Laying up treasures on earth

He listed some other things but you get the idea. We are accustomed to saying things like: "we aren't hurting anyone but ourselves.." Not true. If we are doing something that hurts us, we are hurting others. Everything we say, everything that we do, everything that we see or hear affects the ones around us and our world.

Someone in Sunday School suggested that as Christians we should be more concerned about the environment.

Wesley invites us to think carefully, prayerfully, about how we live our lives. In the book I Robot, the main rule for Robots is: "you can do no harm to any human being and you cannot refuse to help a human being who is in trouble..."

Do no harm.
Dave Nichols

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