Saturday, July 18, 2009

Do Good

We are in the middle of our series on the book, Three Simple Rules. This is, as you remember, the book written by Reuben Job based on the three simple rules of John Wesley for his early Methodist "societies", groups of Christians gathered weekly, before work, or after work, to "watch over one another in love."

Reuben Job calls these "general" rules of Wesley simple. But, they are anything but simple. They are simple in that they are forthright and doable. They are complicated in that in the push and shove of human life things get clouded by situations beyond our control.

Last week we worked with "Do no harm" the first rule. And, we talked and worked with the notion that we should do no harm to ourselves, to others, and to our community and world. Yet, even as we worked with it, you and I know that we often do harm. Sometimes we know it; sometimes we don't. Harm is done to each other, to ourselves and to our world. Ways in which we harm the environment came up in Sunday School. The call is to pay enough attention to our lives and our actions so that we do less harm. If we can't help then we try not to make it worse.

Sunday, July 19, we will work with "Do Good". As with "do no harm", this rule calls us to pay attention to what we do and to set out to do good intentionally, both personally and corporately. We send out mission teams; we teach; we tutor; we wash feet; we serve. All of this is witness to our deep faith in Jesus Christ whom we follow.

I'll ask tomorrow that we think of it in this way- as a call to:
1. Go into the world.
2. Obey the Spirit.
3. Open doors.
4. Do all you can.

John Wesley says: "Do all the good you can, in all the places you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can."

Dave Nichols

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