Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Three Simple Rules

In July,we will be thinking about a book entitled Three Simple Rules written by Rueben P. Job. The subtitle is "A Wesleyan Way of Living". It's a wonderful little book available at Christian Book Stores and Cokesbury Stores.

John Wesley, founder of the United Methodist Church, was, in many ways, the father of the small group movement. When persons were converted to Christ, Wesley formed them into small groups called societies. The purpose of these groups was both for support/nurture and accountability. Persons in these groups were charged with the responsibility to "watch over one another in love." The "societies" had some general rules. The three main rules are highlighted by Job in his book.

The three rules are:
1. Do no harm.
2. Do good.
3. Always stay in love with God.

Job takes each of the rules and works with them as they apply to our lives today. July 12, 19, and 26, we will as a congregation be hearing sermons based on these three rules. I have study guides for Sunday School Classes who want to begin a study of these rules on July 5th and carry through for the month. If classes want to do this, I will make these notes available to them. Plus I have 10 books that I will share with those who want to teach these things.

In hot July, this is a way for us to get in touch with our roots in John Wesley and to learn a bit more about our heritage. While some tell us that denominationalism is dead, denominations are certainly not dead. And, as long as we are Methodist, we will share a common heritage that deserves some exploration.

David and I will preach these three rules and we invite you to join in the discussion in your Sunday School Classes. I will also prepare a daily study guide for individuals as they pray and think about these things each day.

This promises to be a fun time at Bethel. Keep us in your prayers as we work on these rules together.

Dave Nichols

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