Friday, May 29, 2009

So, Where's Good News?

As I heard the news about the North Korean testing of missiles this week, I was reminded of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Some of you are old enough to remember that; others of you can read about it. Russia was moving missiles to Cuba in the sixties. Right under our own noses, Cuba would be able to reach Florida with missiles made by the Communists.

Well, Russia is split asunder, into, it seems, a thousand tiny pieces. Though we aren't quite sure where it will all come out over there, we can be sure that Russia is not the world power that it once was, a world power bent on our destruction. Some would say that Russia was just so afraid of us and we, of them, that we and they just kept making more and more nuclear missiles and bombs.

So much has changed since President Kennedy backed the Russians down. Russia has dissolved, sort of, the Berlin Wall came down in the eighties. Northern Ireland has found independence and peace.

But, in recent memory there is still plenty in the world to think about. Terrorism founds its way to our country in 2001. And, now, those pesky North Koreans keep pushing the envelope. Most everybody I know agrees that their leader is nuts. He is threatening to use his missiles on anybody who threatens him.

So, while we are growing toward a kind of "one world", small world, notion, the world is getting more complicated. There's still China, and Iraq, and all that is going on all the time in the Middle East.

It's enough to make even the most faith-filled among us fearful.

What is there to say? Well, the world has always been a fearful and complicated place. Just look at the history of the world and our history. Then, there's the stuff of our own lives: grief, anger, doubt, pain.

So, we pray, as we always do, for our leaders and the leaders of the world. We pray for them wisdom and strength. We pray that God will intervene as he has seemed to do when Russia backed down, and the Berlin Wall fell, and we had the courage to get up from 9/11 and move forward.

Keep in mind, as we do the best we can with diplomacy, that God is at work, sometimes beyond our ability to see, but at work mysteriously. Bad things happen in the world, but God is still at work. We pray and we take some comfort in that.

Scripture teaches us that God is a God of history, that history is HIS story. Trust in the God who is worthy of our trust.

Dave Nichols

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