Saturday, May 9, 2009

Good Grief

Everyone experiences grief. You may have experienced grief when your first puppy died, or you moved to another place from the home where you grew up. You may have experienced grief when you realized that things were changing around you, or your mother died.

However and wherever you have lived, you have experienced grief. Grief is what it feels like when you lose something. One of my teachers long gone used to say that all grief is the same stuff: no given moment lasts forever.

Things change, time passes, and every person moves on in time. I have watched some parents go through high school graduation with their children. After it's all over and the child is gone to college or somewhere, the parents are left to figure out life after children.

Or, I have seen people lose a parent. The parent may be 90 years old but still it hurts. Life after parents are gone is different. And, the first reaction is to feel the pain, the grief, of the end of something.

I've been feeling something lately. I wasn't quite sure what. But, then it hit me this morning, as Mary and I were talking, our middle daughter, Frances, is getting married. Everything about that is wonderful. It makes us remember our own wedding joy nearly 30 years ago. It reminds us of where we are in our own lives. The boy she marrying is a great guy. We couldn't be happier.

And yet, grief slips up on us. It is the end of something.

Just recently, I was reading a review of a book about history. It highlighted what people went through when the years went from 999 to 1,000. We saw a bit of it when the years went from 1999 to 2000. there were all kinds of predictions of "the end" of things.

The book pointed out that what was thought to be the end of things turned out to be the beginning of something new. That's true of grief, too. As we wade through it or live through it, faith tell us that God is always doing something new. An end means the beginning of something new and different. Even death, for the Christian is a door to something new.

Dave Nichols

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