Wednesday, April 1, 2009


You may or may not find it interesting, that, in my life as a leader/pastor in the United Methodist Church, I am always seeking God's direction. Or, maybe you, if you're a member of my church hope that I'm seeking God's direction. In the midst of all that is going on in the world, and in our lives, and in our church, everyday I feel called to step inside that zone where I can listen for God's guidance. Many of you tell me that you also keep your prayer time with God daily. Many of you tell me that you are praying for me and for the leadership of the church daily. Keep it up. There are always decisions to be made that affect the ministry of the church. We need your prayers.

I ran across something from John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Church, that is helpful with our prayer times. Here it is:

Before morning prayers:
Did I think of God this morning?
Am I resolved to do all the good I can this day?
What virtue will I exercise today?

Before evening prayers:
Have I done anything without hope of glorifying God?
Have I been zealous in doing good?
Have I rejoiced and grieved with a neighbor today?
Have I been disagreeable?
Have I been overtly concerned about someone else's business?
Have I let someone I knew to be wrong have the last word?
Have I prayed, read and meditated upon the scriptures?

A Methodist Christian ought to ask these questions, if not daily, often.
Dave Nichols

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I hope these pastoral ponderings will generate something in you that is hopeful.

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