Friday, March 20, 2009


I don't know if you can see it in the picture here or not (click on picture to enlarge), but maybe enough time has passed to make a comment. Several weeks ago, outside the Unitarian Church in town the following words were put on their sign: Happy Birthday Charles Darwin! It is so good that I had to comment on it.

At Christmas, there were not "happy birthday Jesus" words on the sign, not even Merry Christmas (that too is passe). But, now to honor Darwin, who was an atheist, by the way, the UU Church proudly displays its allegiance.

Now, I'm not saying that Darwin wasn't right about many things. I'm certainly no scientist. Everyone knows that if there's any truth in Darwin's theories that truth is from God.

I think what got me about this proud demonstration was the audacity of it. I saw it as an attempt to "make fun" of anyone who "believes" Holy Scripture. They (the UU's) are intelligent and open and anybody else is dumb and closed. My experience with the UU's is that they are open to anyone who agrees with them- that religion at its best is politics. And God, well...

Several years ago when I was pastor of a church in the Charleston area, the UU Church in Charleston had a pastor who was young and popular in the community. One day I read in the Charleston paper that he was fired, get this, for having preached a sermon in which he used the name "God".

OK. I know I'm not very smart, but I thought open-ness ought to include open-ness to God. I can hear and accept the truth of Darwin while at the same time knowing, in faith, that the Biblical story is more true than we know. God speaks and it comes to be. The Word of God goes forth and accomplishes its task.

There are a lot of birthdays to celebrate. John Wesley was born on June 17. In the Church we celebrate a lot of holidays. And, all of them point to some part of the wonderful story of God's creation, and redemption.

Dave Nichols

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