Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Power is Off

Today, I'm working at home getting ready for a funeral this afternoon. I'm at home because the power company is working on the system at and around the church. So, that wonderful building where we work is dark and cold. We can't use the phones; they need power, too.

The computers, of course, need power. So, we made the decision to come in around 2pm when the power is supposed to be back on. If it is, we will have spaghetti at our usual Wednesday meal. The sauce was prepared early. If power is not on, we'll have to do something else.

When a recent storm knocked out the power, one of our church members said to me: "when you're preaching just say that all we really need is electricity..."

We do rely heavily on power to our homes and churches. What a wonderful gift is electricity. Electricity gives us convenience, but more, it gives us the power to do so much more in our lives.

Just remember that at church, with God's people, God has assured us that we won't be powerless. Even when we're weak, when we don't have all the answers, when life runs out for us, God, through his Holy Spirit, promises to give us power.

How are you feeling today? Powerless? You're not. Rely on God's power and get moving.

Dave Nichols

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