Friday, March 6, 2009

Organizing for Evangelism

We started working/praying on/about evangelism at Bethel when our survey for Natural Church Development showed need-oriented evangelism as our lowest minimum factor. This means that we need to work on make evangelism a more prominent ministry of our church.

This doesn't mean that we aren't doing anything in this area. At the meeting last night to organize our Evangelism Team it was obvious that we were already doing evangelism in many ways at Bethel. Some members of the team told about people they are working on to lead them to Christ. We get regular visitors on Sunday and we are growing in membership and worship attendance. We just need to put more of an emphasis on evangelism.

It is not surprise that we, as a mainline church, struggle with evangelism. This is a common problem in many United Methodist and many other mainline churches. Reasons go from: "We don't know what evangelism is." to "We are afraid." We live in a area where there are people who are considered predatory evangelists. People often feel "stalked" by Christians.

So, being United Methodists, who do believe in Jesus, we are very sure that we don't want to be the kind of Christians who are condemnatory of others and we certainly don't want to be perceived as manipulative of others.

Grace is the main belief of United Methodists. We are saved by grace and brought in to the community of faith. It has nothing to do with our own works. We respond to the grace of God in Jesus Christ.

The Natural Church Development Team now turns its work over to this new Evangelism Team under the direction of Bob Handell. And, we are all praying to be under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

We had a great beginning for this new team. Please pray for us as we move forward in improving our work of bringing people into the community of faith, and to Christ.

Dave Nichols

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  1. I'm sure that needs-based evangelism is very appropriate, if done with integrity. At Internet Evangelism Day, we have a
    page about this.





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