Sunday, March 22, 2009

My God, My God...

This morning's sermon was the 4th in a series on the Seven Last Words of Jesus from the cross. It was based on Jesus word: "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" This is a difficult word, to say the least. For Jesus to cry this from the cross is incredible. What can it mean?

I answered that question by saying:

1. It is a cry of delirium. Jesus, sinking into pain, crosses that threshold that few of us, thank God, will eve have to cross. But, those who were crucified crossed this threshold often. Innocent suffering puts us off and here innocent suffering is hard to watch. Jesus experiences the loneliness of human beings.

2. It is a cry of forsakeness, or else why would he have said it. "My God, my God..."
And yet, can God ever forsake this one. From my study of scripture, if there's any forsaking going on, it's from our side.

3. It is a cry of hope which means that Jesus is not so much crying out to God as he is quoting scripture (Psalm 22). And, by quoting this verse, he implies the whole Psalm. He is giving this quote as a gift. Use it when you need it. He is also giving us hope, for no one will every have to cry "my God, my God" again without hope.

Dave Nichols

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