Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy to Be Here

It's Wednesday around here and it's a big day for us. Today was my day to do Chapel with the Child Enrichment Center this morning and our After School Program this afternoon. I took along my guitar, as usual, and we sang and prayed. In the morning, I got so many hugs from the children. In the afternoon, our kids sang and prayed with me. Normally, this would be the day that I would be leading a devotion and prayer time in the Fellowship Hall, after the meal that is. Tonight, my associate, David Smith, will lead it since he's preaching at the two traditional services Sunday. I'll be at Spirit Song, our contemporary service in the gym at 8:45, then I'll lead the service at 10:55.

In just a few minutes folks will start coming in for supper, for choirs (all of them) and for children's and youth programs. There are several Bible Studies going on on Wednesdays. One Wednesday night I was leaving when this lady met me outside asking for a Bible Study. I sent her to the study upstairs where she was warmly welcomed and stayed for the study.

It's a quick and busy time from 5pm until most people get out of here around 9pm. Barney (our guard) our front stands watch over us as we come and go. The day goes into night. And, we leave here prayed up, and ready for Sunday. The staff goes away tired but fulfilled at having served well.

A friend of mine found me on Facebook (I'm cool) the other night and asked me how it was at Bethel. I said: "I'm so happy to be here..."

Even in the midst of economic issues and problems, we pull together in faith and move on. I hope everyone who comes here is happy to be here.

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