Monday, November 17, 2008

For Goodness Sakes

Just a few moments ago, I was sitting in the office of my District Superintendent waiting to go over the Charge Conference reports with him. Beside me was a small boom box and a radio station was playing Christmas music. I'm thinking: "Here we go..."

We preachers try to hold our churches back from getting to Christmas too soon without adequate preparation. The church has always taught that we have to have some time of preparation, prayer, and repentance to celebrate properly. You don't just jump to the celebration. You think, reflect, pray, worship and repent your way to Christmas.

It's like trying to hold wild stallions back. The culture starts Christmas stuff at Halloween. I know the anxiety of merchants who depend on Christmas being the biggest sales time of the year. We hear about it every year. And, the anxiety is especially there this year- what with the economy in change and slowdown.

I shouldn't be so cranky, I guess.

So, as you go to your parties, starting up soon, and church, and plays and choir presentations, enjoy, of course, but remember that it's all about a baby in a manger and a holy family, and the Son of God.

Is it too much to ask you to reflect and pray and repent your way to that?
Dave Nichols

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