Monday, August 11, 2008

Spritual Gifts Inventories

There are a number of Spritual Gift Inventories available on the internet. You may go to these to take the inventory online rather than the one that we will print for you. Here are a couple of websites to choose from. One is the United Methodist site-

Another website where you can take the inventory online is:

These are two good sites. There are others equally as good. Just put in Spiritual Gifts Inventory in your search engine and a myriad of different sites will come up.

Notice that I'm not calling this a test. It is not a test. You can't fail it. This is an inventory, an assessment of how you see yourself as gifted by God's Spirit.

If you do choose to go online, then share the results with someone. If you're in Sunday School, your class will be given some inventories and you will be asked to share with the class. The purpose of asking you to do this as said before is:

1. To give you an idea of your own gifts
2. To reveal to the Natural Church Development Team those who are gifted in evangelism
3. So that we might be better Christians at using our gifts for God's glory

Again, this is not an attempt to say that we are not already using our gifts. It is a call to expand the number of persons who know their gifts for ministry.

In Christ,
Dave Nichols

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