Thursday, August 28, 2008

Doing Business with Christ

This morning I attended a Prayer Breakfast for pastors in the community of Spartanburg. The purpose of this breakfast was to encourage pastors in their ministries and to invite us to more unity. The main speaker was President/Ceo of a company called Polydeck Screens. The interesting thing is that this company operates on Christian principles.

I know. At first, it sounded hokey to me, too. They have a Christian chaplain who works with 180 employees to support them with prayer and spiritual counsel. There are people of all major faiths working there but they still operate on Christ-centered principles like: integrity, honesty, love.

Just recently they told us that someone, an employee, committed suicide. So, they all gathered for a worship service. No one was compelled; everyone was invited. They said they don't beat anybody over the head with the Bible, but they do try to live out their faith in word and deed.

One of the witnesses said: "You don't find this in churches all the time..." It seemed strange to admit that but I have to say that she's right. The President of the company said that they strive for it but don't always meet it.

In churches where I have served over the years, the core values of some were power and control, not prayer and love and kindness.

At Bethel, I find a very loving community of people. Let us resolve to be as Christlike in our church toward each other as we can be. We won't get there completely, but we strive for it.


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