Thursday, April 10, 2008

Politics and a Wednesday Night Supper

It happened last night. The UMW ran our Wednesday night supper by presenting it's annual report. It was a good report of money raised and given to good causes. But, the program caught me by surprise. A wonderful lady gave a program about her ministry to the Palestinian Christians- 80% unemployment, illness, frustrated people. On the whole it was a rather innocuous presentation.

However, I didn't read the pamphlets that she had on each table. If I had read them ahead of time, I would have tossed them. I'm told by others that they were inflammatory, and anti-Semitic. I'll check out any handouts next time before any program.

Wednesday nights around here are a meal for about 200 people, then worship and prayer. Next, small groups, choirs, etc. Last night, it became a poilitical rally. I know I can't control everything. I really don't want to control everything. I'm smart enough to know that we all don't agree on everything. However, I resent visitors who speak in my church who just assume "everybody" agrees with them.

How do you feel about this kind of thing? Hey, Hilary and George are both United Methodists. So, the only way to hold us together is if Jesus does it, right?

Dave Nichols

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